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irst of all let me thank to Kerala Erotica, for making a site like this. Its really a great place to share our "malayalee erotic experiences" . Now I`m a very passionate fan of this story archive and I thought of putting this story up on this archive. Its good that his site is getting updated daily, and i am addicted to read all new malayalee experiences. Thanks again for Kerala Erotica webmaster.

Now about me, I am Unni, from Cochin. 25 years now. Following is a true incident of my life, which i want to share with all Sexy mallu's all over the world.

Well, first let me describe my maternal aunt Neena (Name Changed), She is 34 years old, 5'7" tall, fair, blonde hair, brown eyed beauty and pocessed a firm figure which measured 37-25-36. With this U can picturise the size of her voluptous boobs and large ass of which I am a great admirer. She was married to an NRI, currently living in U.A.E. and she has no kids.

Till date I had a very clean relation with her and never was sexually interested in her ,as she is my aunt. Couple of weeks ago she came to stay with us for a few days. One day as usual I entered her room without knocking the door and what I saw was simply unbelievable. She was standing near the bed, wearing just petticoat and was hooking up her Bra. Her huge breasts were trying to tear out of the Bra. I just couldn`t take my eyes off her breast. But soon I realised that she is my aunt and apologised and came out of the room. After this incident, she behaved with in normal manner as if nothing happened. But I just couldn`t wipe out the figure of her melons from my mind, it kept on disturbing me till late in the night, feeling helpless I had to masturbate fantasising about fucking her.

After two days, My parents had to leave for Guruvayoor to attend an important function which left me and my aunt alone at home, My mother instructed both of us to take care of each other and left, supposed to return next day evening. It was about 7:00 pm. We had a great time together chatting, cracking jokes andwe enjoyed our dinner. At about 10:30 pm, I started to sleep in my bed room, when she asked me, "What`s the hurry, Unni, c`mon sit with me and let us enjoy." I said "OK, Ammayi as U wish" . We switched on the TV and and sat on the Sofa, she sat very close next to me. We started talking on various topics and in between sometimes she kept her hand on my thighs, very close to my already hard prick. I wished she got more further towards it. Suddenly she said, "Unni, I always wished to have a guy like U in my life", I said, " What for Ammayi". "I wanted my life partner to be like U, nalla uyaram, sundaran and kurumban (she smiled in a naughty way)",she replied. "What do U mean by being kurumban", I exclaimed.

At this she gave me a mischievous smile and suddenly put her mouth on mine and started kissing me passionately. I was feeling in heaven though what was happening was unbelievable, She gave her tounge into my mouth and interlocked it with mine, she was so tasty. By this time I got enough courage and I put my arms around her to hug her tightly, her firm boobs pressed against my chest. She then unbuttoned the shirt and started caressing my chest meanwhile, I was in heaven,then I pulled her pallu down and dug my face into her blouse, It was warm and smelled sexy, I unbuttoned her blouse and stripped her off her brassiere to get a view of her Voluptous beauties, "Wow, they`re so cute", I said. And started sucking and squeezing them. She was moaning,"Aaaaaah, Oooooooooooooh, Love Meeeeeeeeeee" . She then sat on her knees before me and pulled dowm my lungi and now I was standing absolutely naked in front of her. It was a great feeling tp stand Nude in front a woman. She slowly moved her fingers through my Jungle and then Grabbed my Rod into her hands and started jerking it. Wow, It was so great. I later Pulled her Saree off, removed her petticoat, she was now wearing only a Panty which was by now wet. She made me lie down and came over me, put her lips on mine and kissed me very passionately, my hands were messaging the soft skin of her back and her hanging Boobs were touching my chest. Then she lied by my side and said, "Unni, Please take off my panty and fuck me hard". As soon as I heard this I pulled down her panty as she raised her hips. She immediately spread her legs to make room for me come between them. I climbed on her and took her huge boobs into my hands and started squeezing them, she was rolling her fingers into my hair. She then Grabbed my Prick and guided it into her tight, pink cunt. As I pushed my 9" rod into her she started moaning loudly in ecstacy. She then started jumping up and down to send my Cock deep inside her hole. I too started pumping her hard, her huge melons were in my hands and her hands were squeezing my ass cheeks. Soon I splashed my juice into her hot pussy and she cummed too.

After this we laid into nude each other`s arms for about half an hour, she suddenly got up took me outside the room holding my hand. She led me on the terrace. She said," Unni, I want U to fuck me in the open, in natural surrounding" . I instantly got an erection as soon as I heard this, she spread a bedsheet there and lied down. It was a very romantic night with cool breeze blowing around and enough moon light to see ourselves naked. I lied down on her and kissed her. She got up and made me stand and grabbed my dick and took it into her mouth. I said, "I too want to lick U ammayi". We then got into 69 position, she took my whole rod into her mouth and I tore apart her pussy lips with my tounge and tickled her clitoris. Her salty juices were so tasty.
I was about to ejaculate again, so she removed my dick from her mouth immeiately. I said," Aunty, I love u`r cute ass, please allow me to fuck u`r Ass". She agreed immediately and got into doggy position. I started sending my dick into her virgin Asshole but couldn`t as it was too tight. She stopped me and went down to kitchen and brought some oil. She applied the oil over my Cock with with her soft hands. I never got such a great feeling between my thighs before, After oiling she planted a kiss on my Cock and got into Doggy again. I put my Dick on her Asshole and pumped in to send it inside, she screamed in pain, But I didn`t stop and my whole 9 inches were in side her, she started moving to and fro, and soon her pain turned in to excitement. She was loving this and I was loving this too. I released my cum into her again and withdrew my Penis from her Asshole.

By now we were fully exhausted. we went to bed, nude into each others arms and had a nice sleep that night. So guys, hope U like this story very much.


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